Kickball Rules


12 Simple Rules
PLAYERS: 10 fielders per team (12-20 players on the roster) 
SUBSTITUTIONS: Free substitutions in the field. Everyone kicks. 
FIELD: Lined with same dimensions as regulation softball field
EQUIPMENT: Played with a regulation 10” big blue playground ball. Players must wear their LXC team shirts. 
INNINGS: A regulation game is 7 innings or 50 minutes, which ever comes first. 
SCORING: A tie game after 7 innings will be declared a tie unless, time permitting, both captains and the umpire agree to continue play. In the event that the game goes into overtime and the lights go out at any point during the inning, the game will be called a TIE even if the away team is ahead. 
COED RULES: 10 fielders (8 min), 6 men (6 max), 4 women (3 min) 
PLAY: This game is based on softball with some added rules
   10. WIN THE LEAGUE:  Time and space permitting every team will make post season.  If it is not possible then Top teams will make the playoffs and compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the league champion and other teams will play for bragging rights 
ALCOHOL: Smoking and alcohol are forbidden. We use public youth fields for many of our leagues and it is illegal to use tobacco or alcohol on the property. 
Outfielders must be at beyond the outfield line until kicker makes contact. 
Infielders (including pitcher) must be behind the 1st to 3rd diagonal 
Catcher must be at least 3 feet behind the plate 
b. Pitching
Strike Zone is the plate plus 1 foot on either side and 1 foot high. The height of
the ball is measured from the bottom of the ball at the highest point of the last
Ball must be thrown underhand 
Ball must bounce at least 3 times before crossing the plate 
4 Balls is a walk, 3 strikes is an out (foul on the 3rd strike is an out) 
c. Kicking
All players kick and must kick in alternating male / female order 
Ball must cross the plate before it is kicked or a foul ball is called 
Fair balls must cross the bunt line in fair territory before it is touched 
Balls touched before the bunt line are foul 
d. Runners
Runners must run to the safety bases at 1st and home. An out will be awarded if the runner does not tag the safety base at home. Safety Base at First Base must be used whenever the ball is kicked into the infield or if there is a play at first base or the runner will be called OUT. If the ball is kicked into the outfield then the runner may use first base to round the bag to second base. In this case, the first baseman must move off the bag to allow the runner to round first otherwise it will be called obstruction and the runner will automatically be called safe at second. 
Only headfirst sliding is acceptable
It is always a force out at home plate. This only applies for home plate. If
there are 2 outs and a runner crosses home plate before or after a force out at another base, the run does not count at home. 
Runners may tag up as in softball as soon as the kickball is touched by the fielder. Runners do not need to wait until the ball is completely caught as balls occasionally will bounce up in the air off the fielders. 
Runners may be thrown out by hitting them directly with the ball 
Balls may not be thrown at runners above the shoulders 
No leading off or stealing 
Runners passing the commit line between 3rd and home must advance 
It is always a force at home (even with no runners on 1st and 2nd) 
If a runner is hit by the ball, the play remains live 
If a runner intentionally runs into a fielder, or is out of control when running and runs into a fielder, they will be called OUT. This is completely up to the discretion of the umpire and may not be argued.
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